I would like to do this by breaking the word in two. I will start with Marketing. Marketing is generally all the activities that you execute towards reaching customers and making sales. But in this context, Marketing goes slightly further to mean all the activities that you execute to DIGITALLY engage with your target market towards making sales. This would mean that you are exploiting digital channels, to promote and market your product/services while also making use of their analytical tools to see how effective your marketing moves are and finally, using other digital tools to make your target sales.

Digital marketing has been very successful and as the use of the internet has continued to grow, various elements have grown to be more effective than others when it comes to engagement.

Today, there is no single engagement tool that works on the internet like video. Let me share some numbers from places like USA. 63% of businesses now use videos and 82% of those businesses believe that video marketing gives them good returns on investment

Videos are said to increase conversions rates by 80% with 74% of people who viewed explainer videos subsequently making a purchase. Smart Phone users are said to be 1.4 times more likely to watch a video content on their device and pay attention even if it is branded. And in 2019, video traffic is said to have accounted for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. These numbers are huge but, I don’t really care about the numbers. However, I have one question for you, how many videos have YOU watched today? Like it or not, the question applies every day and beyond that, Videos give your brand a human face which will lead to trust.

Videos enjoy a lot of share on mobile devices. Videos can be used to explain/teach anything. Videos engage you even when you are lazy. And another question to you, would you rather read about a product that you want to buy or watch a video about it. A video that will showcase how well the product works.

So, if I want to explain what Video Marketing is in my own terms, I will say that – VIDEO MARKETING IS EXPLOITING THE POWER OF VIDEOS TO UTILIZE MODERN DAY DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES. It is basically combining two very powerful tools to make and even more powerful tool.

For those that watch DC movies, Video Marketing is like Superman and Wonderwoman having a baby, you can imagine how strong that kid will be. One of the profound benefits of using Video Marketing for your brand is the chance to build “a unique connection language”. This means that when you start to put out contents, the idea in the beginning is to have people connect with your brand.

Think of it this way, if you find yourself in a new country where nobody speaks your language and then while walking through the streets, someone receives a phone call and speaks your native language. What are the chances that you would gravitate towards the person and form a type of relationship? The point is, if we are intentional about it or not, every time we express ourselves, the people who speak the kind of language we are expressing will gravitate towards us. That is why some people will connect with you because you are funny, or wise or loud. And sometimes, it is an unspoken language, they might connect with you because you listen, or you are soft spoken or you are kind and helpful. What this means is that the personality of the brand that you are putting out is what people will connect with.

So let’s say you sell coffee and you are on a lane with ten other vendors that sell coffee, people might visit your stand simply because you serve them with a kind smile and that is what connects with them. Some might visit another vendor because they always have funny jokes to share and that is what connects them

This means that as a brand, when you put yourself out there, you will build this Unique Connection Language that will exist because it is you. It cannot be replicated, it cannot be copied and the only thing that will kill it without any extreme thought is if the reason for connection turns out not to exist.

Imagine you like someone because they are kind and helpful but on getting to know them, they are the opposite of kind and helpful, I’m sure that would put a dent in the relationship and probably end it. So, when you use Video marketing to put yourself out there, people have the chance to connect to the real you and even if your competitors are doing exactly the same thing that you are doing to get sales, the power of a Unique Connection Language means that they are making purchase from you because it is YOU they have formed a connection with and not because you are the only brand providing that product or service.

Video Marketing will present you to the world and you will make connections. Connections that will turn to your tribe. Connections that will essentially always be in your corner as long as you maintain a good relationship. I’m not saying connecting with you means you will never lose a customer but it does mean that you will always WIN more than you lose.