We talked about Attention being the Why and now I want us to explore what is a major part of the HOW. We understand that videos highly engaging tools to exploit in the digital space and they help to capture attention and reign supreme in the minds of your target audience but what kind of videos specifically are you supposed to start putting out as business owners?

Most businesses will fall into the pitfall of paying fees ranging from fairly expensive to highly expensive for any video content they want to produce. This is not a possibility for many small and medium businesses. Even if some type of budget existed, it would not guarantee expected results and the money would be exhausted in no time because even with the large organizations, their video contents doesn’t always get the results they hope for naturally.

So, how do you find the middle ground to create content and at the same time, get desired results while not breaking bank. Understand that even when you have the budget for putting out loads of content, best case scenario in the wrong strategy will mean clicks and shares but eventually, your content will fall into the abyss of the numerous contents that are uploaded daily to the internet. So you still don’t get results. Which means that beyond having the funds/ budget, you also need the right video content to get the right results especially if the plan is to engage with your target audience and get their attention. You have to use what is called a Social Video.

Putting it plainly, Social Videos are short videos produced specifically to drive engagement and captivate viewers on social media platforms. Social videos are the ultimate tools to driving engagement and growing audiences on social media.

An effective social video is usually between 60 and 90 seconds. Just enough time to entertain / inform and connect. If well done, it gets more views and shares because of the value in the video and it’s duration. Many of the content ideas that you will need to put online to engage your target audience have to be executed like a social video to be effective

Think of the comedy skits that you watch on social media, how many of them are longer than 90 seconds? They work to keep it short and entertaining because they understand many people might be discouraged from viewing or sharing despite knowing that it is an entertaining content. So despite knowing how great the content is and how much value they present, they have to still present their ideas like a social video. And yes, platforms can accommodate videos with longer durations but ask yourself, in the midst of many unfamiliar content, will you watch the 60 seconds video or the 5 minutes video?

For business, Social Videos will translate to awareness and engagement even much more than Sales. While there is no guaranteed recipe for engagement, Social videos by their nature of entertaining or informing means a real level of engagement and constantly doing that, translates to increase in engagement. Engagement that can be exploited as a means to now market/sell your brand or other brand targets that you might have

The real difference between Social Videos and other type of videos especially videos used for marketing is that using Social Videos as part of your marketing will allow you engage your audience with ORIGINAL and UNIQUE contents that target them specifically and there is no real duplicate of that

Other Video marketing contents are usually sales-focused, but Social Videos is Content marketing. In other words, it is the real BRAND marketing you end up building engagement with people that make purchases because it is you and not because you are the only available option.

So when you find that you have successfully used content to engage your target audience, you need to see it like marriage and with any successful marriage, as long as you put in the work, nobody is going anywhere. In fact, they will contribute towards making what you have built a beautiful relationship.

If you want audiences to discover the value in your brand, then you have to start putting out Social videos. Social videos can include telling a story, sharing knowledge and as much as you can get sentimental to plug at the viewers emotion. At the end of the video, include a Call to Action to amplify the engagement. A Call to Action could be as simple as telling your audience to Like, Comment or share. As you continue to get used to putting out Social Videos, you can start to use some texts on your videos and music.

As mentioned earlier, the ideal duration is 60 to 90 seconds but if you are going to make it longer, then be absolutely sure that your content is fire. With the consistency comes more engagement and at this point, you can start to analyze which topics are doing well, how long people are watching for or how much of the video they are even watching. You can find out the demographic of those watching and this helps to make adjustments where necessary.

So your job going forward is to develop quality and valuable content towards building engagement for followership and eventual brand loyalty. You want to take one problem and one solution most times. You should not be going for too much information. So even if there are 10 steps to teaching something, you can make it a series. And that will even make people look forward to the rest of the videos since they know they value they are getting.

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